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Rebecca Ann Bentley Headshot.jpg

Managing the Australian base and projects is Rebecca Ann Bentley.

She is a Melbourne-based award-winning Australian director, writer, producer & editor. Actress-turned-filmmaker, Rebecca has trained in Australia, Canada, and the United States and worked on many projects including short films, feature films, commercials & web series.​ Her short films, Forever, Letting Go and Him have won awards at many film festivals around the world and through them, she has gained awards for her directing & writing.

While having written in all creative styles since she was a kid, it wasn’t until she spent time on set as an actress that she became fascinated by what happens behind the scenes. Following this curiosity and wanting to learn everything she can about the industry, Rebecca started working as a script supervisor, casting director, and first assistant director on short films & web series. This led her to fall more in love with the industry and with a desire to create her own projects, she studied scripts and took courses in screenwriting, producing, directing & editing, and continues to do so to ensure she is always growing as a creative.

As queer woman, she has always felt and noticed the lack of opportunities and proper representation in the industry, both in front of and behind the camera. However, it wasn’t until she got diagnosed with ADHD, epilepsy and many invisible chronic illnesses, that she truly noticed the lack of representation for people like herself and the negative, hopeless stereotypical portrayal of people with mental health issues and with disabilities on screen. Determined to change this and start more conversations, she created Bentley Pictures. Both with her company and her own work, Rebecca is passionate about spreading awareness about important topics and issues that often get dismissed, creating opportunities for those with disabilities and making sets, festivals and events more accessible.


Managing the Canada base is Martin Hroch.


Martin is a Canadian Actor, writer, and producer currently based in Vancouver Canada. He was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and moved to Canada when he was ten. Ever since he was a child, the film industry has fascinated him. He has always had a very creative mind and the hunger to share stories. He’s met and worked with some brilliant minds in the industry and dreams of making a lot of films that will not only make people laugh, cry, and excited but also educate and bring awareness to topics that are close to his heart. Diversity and love are very important to Martin.

Martin Hroch joined Bentley Pictures in 2020 as he believes in bringing the same representation as Rebecca both behind and in front of the camera. Since then, he has been building connections in Canada, an executive producer on Bentley Pictures films and focused on getting projects to the development stage.

After having COVID twice and nearly dying from it, it has left Martin with heart problems, lungs that are still healing, and mobility problems including Avascular Narcosis in both hips which requires hip replacement surgery. He has experienced first-hand how people treat those with disabilities and his passion for sharing and giving people these opportunities has only grown stronger.

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