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A production company focused on sharing stories with important messages and bringing more representation both on and off-screen
About Us


Founded by Rebecca Ann Bentley in 2020, Bentley Pictures (formally Bentley Productions) is a production company focused on bringing more representation both on and off-screen and sharing stories with important messages.

Shortly after launching, Rebecca joined forces with Martin Hroch in Vancouver, Canada, who become the Chief Operating Officer/Vice President of the company, locking in their base there.

The company brings opportunities for those often overlooked in the industry to work and share their stories. This includes but not limited to women, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions/illnesses (invisible or not), neurological disorders, deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. At least one person fitting that criteria have created and been in an ‘above the line position’ in our past productions and all future productions will keep that promise.

Previous projects include award-winning short films, Forever, Letting Go, and Him which have played at festivals across the world.

Bentley Pictures is in post-production of its first feature film, Kill Me, Heal Me. Written, directed & co-produced by Rebecca Ann Bentley, the film is about violence against men and explores men’s mental health, which is a topic the team is extremely passionate about and they are looking forward to spreading more awareness about these topics and starting more conversations.

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